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Haut Couture Wedding Dress

Haute Couture Wedding Dress

Pink white

السعر بعد الخصم SAR 2449.50 السعر قبل الخصم SAR 4899.00

A Victorian wedding dress that has never been seen before, the white pink, shows a posterior of the Victorian era. Made of the metal structure to give the dress a special shape that distinguishes this night off once in a lifetime. The dress is reclining on the shoulders. On the back, are hand-made motifs designed with small flower blossoms that grow like the "arcta" flowers in the center of the chest. These flowers extend from the top to the bottom of the knee, followed by hand motifs extending to the tail to give you a unique and different look.


السعر بعد الخصم SAR 3399.50 السعر قبل الخصم SAR 6799.00

The legendary dress is the dream of every girl on her wedding night. So, Andemes is making that dream come true! In this design,  The dress is fully decorated by the hands of the finest crafters in luxury dress-making. These precision and luxury can’t be described ...  it will give you an unforgettable presence in a night that can’t be forgotten.

Degli Alberi

السعر بعد الخصم SAR 3399.50 السعر قبل الخصم SAR 6799.00

We designed this dress in off-white with brown branches, and in a manner that guarantees you the uniqueness of the appearance. The dress begins with a ribbon on the shoulders decorated with classic inscriptions and soft shiny beads, the sleeves then extend to a transparent cloth topped with handmade flowers. The chest area starts with a brown branch decorated with leaves of green roses and marvelous wild flowers to the end of the tail.

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